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New regulations before traveling to Turkey

How do I get a HES code?

72 hours before arriving in Turkey, everyone must fill out an application online.

News of Alanya from March 15, 2021
In connection with the global coronavirus pandemic, it was decided last year to fill out a form on the plane before passport control while traveling to Turkey.

From March 15, 2021 everyone who wants to travel to Turkey must fill out a form ONLINE.
In addition to a PCR test, the electronic questionnaire must be completed 72 hours before departure.

When you fill out the form, you will automatically receive your personal HES CODE, which you can use in Turkey.

You can see the link to fill out the questionnaire here: https://register.health.gov.tr/# 

Turkish citizens and foreigners with a residence permit in Turkey must also fill out a questionnaire.

When you travel, you must have the completed form and a PCR test with you.
Save the two documents on your mobile phone or print them out.

The documents will be presented on departure in your arrival country.
A passport control officer in Turkey may also ask you to provide a completed application form.

If the application is not submitted, the Turkish side has the right to refuse your entry or to impose administrative sanctions.

And remember that all of these measures were taken only for our health.

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