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How do I get a travel permit during quarantine in Alanya?

Alanya news. Travel permit during quarantine in Turkey.

In connection with the government's decision to apply self-isolation in Turkey from April 29 to May 17, 2021, some restrictions have come into effect.
For those who have to leave the house in urgent matters, for example a doctor's appointment, a booked flight, a hotel booking, etc., there is an opportunity to get an official permit for the trip.

Option 1. Call 199 (Note: you must call from a Turkish phone number).
After answering a few questions like:
Your name / ikamet or passport number / home address / destination of your trip / destination address etc., you will get your registration.

If you don't speak Turkish, the call center has staff who can help you in English.

Option 2. Permission via e-devlet (e-government website).

1. You go to the website: https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/bilgilendirme?konu=yrdh

2. Log in and go to your personal account.

3. Enter the following in the search bar above: seyahat izin talebi (application for travel authorization).

4. Fill out the form.

5. Upload the document confirming the necessity of your trip (appointment confirmation from the doctor, a plane ticket, etc.)

6. Click the "Next" button -> Get code.

7. It is best to take a screenshot of the code on the phone or simply print it out.

8. That's it! You are ready to travel.

In some cases, however, a simple written confirmation on the phone (doctor's appointment confirmation, hotel booking, etc.) is sufficient for the controls.

We Wish You a Good Trip!


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How do I get a travel permit during quarantine in Alanya?

Alanya news. Travel permit during quarantine in Turkey.

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