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Paragraph 35 of the "Turkish Land Registration Act" allows foreigners to buy property if Turkish people are allowed to buy property in this foreign country.

Here the reciprocity clause of single countries becomes effective.

Only developped land of max. 2,5 ha can be bought.

Purchases can only be settled by the land office, and not by lawyers or a notary like in Germany.

In Turkey the registration in a plot book is called "Tapu". This "Tapu" is only handed out by the land office in the presence of a sworn-in interpreter.

To be registered in the Turkish plot book foreigners need "a letter of no-objection" of the "Izmir Military Authority", that clearly expresses the allowance to buy property in the area.

Before we offer our objects for sale, they get testified and the required "letter of no-objection" is then only a formal procedure. Usually it takes about 12 weeks to get this "letter of no-objection"!

A schedule of real-estate purchase

1. Agree a date with our agency. We pick you up from your hotel, introduce our company to you and the people working for us. While having a cup of coffee, we present the objects, which were chosen by you.

2. We visit the chosen objects, where you will be informed in detail.

3. If you decide to buy, we will sign a contract.
All details, the buyer-the seller, the object, payment conditions and other agreements will be written down. With the signing of the sale-contract 20% payment on account is due. The remaining amount of money will be paid at a final meeting in the land office.

4. We, as your partner, need a certified mandate from you – as the buyer – to do all necessary paperwork for you.

5. As soon as the "letter of no-objection" has come from Izmir, your appearance in the land office is necessary. We will organise the date, where all relevant people have to appear. Now payments for the object, land office fees and taxes on the conveyance of real-estate are due and in the presence of a sworn-in interpreter the "Tapu" will be conveyed to the purchaser.

6. Now you are the official owner of a real-estate in Turkey

After having received your title of record, we will register the real-estate in the local office, apply for your residence permit (ISKAN) and change water and electricity subscription to your name.

The following documents are needed, if you plan to buy a real-estate:

  • A valid passport or identity card
  • 2 photos
  • Tax-number (of the local tax and revenue office)