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Price increase for cars in Turkey

Fiat has published a new price list for January 2024.

How much does a car cost in Turkey in 2024?

The price of the Fiat Egea Sedan 2024 model starts at 834,900 TL with version 1.4 Fire 95 HP Easy.
The price of version 1.5 T4 Hybrid 130 HP AT at the same hardware level is 1,292,900 TL.

The current price of the Egea sedan combined with the Limited trim level and the hybrid version is 1,432,900 TL.
The situation is no different with the Fiat Egea Cross 2024.

The Egea Cross, one of the best-selling cars in Turkey, will cost from 917,900 Turkish lira in the 2024 model year.
With the Limited trim level and a hybrid engine, the price of the Egea Cross increases to 1,478,900 TL.

Would you choose to buy a car in Turkey or would you rather bring it from home?