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Children's festival in Alanya

How was the annual children's festival in Alanya? News July 2021.

This year the 3rd festival for children took place.
The organization fell again on the shoulders of the city administration.

The mayor of Alanya loved to pose for the community's social media accounts.

The children's festival traditionally takes place in April (on Children's Day). 2021 brought its own corrections to the festival date.
In connection with the quarantine, it was decided to hold the festival on 09.09.2021 until 18.07.2021 at the port.

From 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., events such as book presentations, meetings with writers, theatrical performances, various games and competitions were held.

If for some reason you didn't make it to this festival, then don't be discouraged!

There will be another next year.

We very much hope that this children's festival will become a good tradition for our city of Alanya.


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