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Antalya and immigrants

Antalya becomes a Russian-speaking city.

40% of the resort's residents are now emigrants from the former USSR.

In March-April 2022, the number of Russian citizens who came to Turkey and Antalya in particular, "not for tourism purposes, but for resettlement" has seriously increased. According to Turkish media, now, 30-40% of the resort's population are Russian-speakers who migrated. This number includes all immigrants from the republics of the former USSR who have recently moved to Antalya. At the same time, the citizens of Russia topped the list of foreigners who buy housing in the resort and set up a business. Only in April of this year, immigrants from Russia founded 136 companies in the resort, in March this figure was 64%.

Many Russian citizens who used to do business in Europe have now moved to Turkey. The main reason is that their business is not under sanctions in Turkey and they can work in peace.

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