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Alanya prepares for winter

Alanya news winter 2021-2022

The city administration of the resort town of Alania has been carrying out preventive work to normalize, improve and cleanse streams, culverts, wells and other things throughout the year.

So the beginning of the winter season was no exception.
On the contrary, infrastructure work is aimed at minimizing the discomfort from underwater currents this winter.

Belediye's employees open the mouths of drainpipes at the points where streams meet the shore, thus taking precautions.

Work on the repair of roads, the installation of a picket fence in such areas as: Demirtas, Mahmutlar, Payallar, Avsallar and Merkez continue.

We will do everything in our power so that residents do not face negative consequences, especially in rainy weather.

Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yucel said:

“We have taken steps to avoid any negative situations during the winter months.

All our teams are working now. "

Source: https://www.alanya.bel.tr/


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