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Turkish citizenship

By buying property in Turkey, you can get a citizenship.

By buying property in Turkey, the Turkish government enables the acquisition of Turkish citizenship. Individuals who can provide proof of their $ 400,000 property in the country have the option to apply for Turkish citizenship. The same opportunity is also given to people whose bank investments in Turkey amount to USD 500,000. Regarding the property purchase for the above amount, we would like to point out that this sum does not imply the purchase of a property unit. For this amount you can buy several apartments, houses or commercial properties. After receiving a Turkish passport, you can stay in Turkey without notice and enjoy all the benefits of Turkish citizens.

After the adoption of this amendment, the demand for real estate in Turkey rose sharply.


Based on documents confirming a direct family relationship, your family members (spouse and children under the age of 18) can also obtain Turkish citizenship.


Due to the unstable exchange rate, there may be a mismatch in the purchase price at the time of purchase and attaining citizenship. It doesn't matter what currency you bought your property in. The amount of $ 250,000 is calculated at the time of purchase at the current exchange rate and is specified in the contract. This sum is relevant when submitting the documents.


It is understood that the stated amount of USD 400,000 must correspond to the cadastral value (specified in “Tapu” = Registry of Deeds). In practice, it can vary with the market value.

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What are the restrictions?

Acquired properties should not be resold in the next 3 years. The land registry establishes a 3-year burden in the property document, which is a prerequisite for the investment program to acquire citizenship.

Our real estate agency IVM Turkey offers its customers the full service for acquiring the Turkish citizenship, which is accompanied by an experienced lawyer.

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Turkish citizenship

By buying property in Turkey, you can get a citizenship.

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